Commercial, Industry and Residential

Residential and Commercial

Whether it's a ground up project, a design and build custom renovation, office fit out, or just simply adding lights or receptacles, Elite Electric will provide you with a hassle and worry free experience.

Elite Electric is OSHA 40 certified, and has successfully completed projects with high profile companies such as CH2M Hill, DOW Chemical, and I.E.E.E.

Clean Power and Stand by Power Generation

Clean Power and Stand by Power Generation

Lately it has become very popular to install stand by generators in households and businesses due to the integrity of the power grid being compromised by the increase in storms in the area. Unfortunately, many people were left stranded without hot water, heat or A/C, and lights due to utility power loss. Loss or surge in utility power can also be detrimental to your business as most equipment and computers can become damaged due to their sensitivity to voltage fluctuation. There are many different options today to ensure constant clean power where it is needed most via transient voltage surge suppressors, uninterrupted power supplies, and fully automatic utility to generator transfer switches. These allow for a seamless power supply no matter what is going on in the rest of your office building or on your block. Don't let power loss stand in the way, consult with an elite electrician to see if a stand by generator is the right choice for your home or business.

Service Upgrades

Service Upgrade

The modern household generally demands much more amperage and circuit availability then when the home was originally designed. When you start to add things like additions, pools, Jacuzzis, new kitchens, renovations, detached living space or garages, you can easily start to lose space or overload your out dated service and or panel. Old services and panels can become dangerous and hazardous when they are in these conditions. Many old panels and circuit breakers have been discontinued do to safety and reliability reasons. Consult with Elite Electric to inspect and quote a service upgrade.

Device Upgrades

Device Upgrade

Upgrading devices at your home or business will ultimately freshen up the look of a room. It is important to install new devices to complete the "new look" of your repainted or remodeled living and work space. Upgrading your switching can really make the difference in the mood of your new or existing room. Get rid of your out dated two prong receptacles and allow Elite to provide you with a safer path to ground via three prong, arc fault, ground fault and or tamper proof receptacles.



Proper light levels provide a safe and welcoming household, as well as highlight and set a mood for rooms or objects you would like to accentuate. Improved lighting will also increase the value of your home, and add the right touch when trying to sell or impress. Consider energy saving led and fluorescent light fixtures when making changes at home or work.

Switching and Dimming

Switching and Dimming

It is important to consider optimal switching when adding or subtracting light fixtures. Proper switching can provide lighting flexibility as well as serve as a safety feature when entering dark areas. Upgrade to more efficient non-resistive dimmers to save on your electric bill.

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